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Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley were spotted checking out properties in the Big Apple.  But their relocation is not a fait accompli.  While Lance would like to move to the city, Daley is angling for LA.  Why?  “Because British people are vitamin D deficient and love sunshine,” he told our pal Michael Musto.  Here’s something he didn’t tell Mikey – they’ve become parents again!  They broke the news in an old-fashioned way – with an announcement in The Times of London.  Under “Births”, it said: “Black-Daley on 28th March to Thomas Robert Daley and Dustin Lance Black, a son, Phoenix Rose.”  DLB expanded on Insta: “And then there were four.  Our second son, Phoenix Rose Black-Daley, arrived at 3:34pm on March 28, 2023.”  Tom posted, “Our family has grown in the last week, we welcomed Phoenix to the world on 28/03/23 and he’s just perfect.  Robbie is loving being a BIG BRO!”

Relationships are expanding hither and yon.  If rumors are to be believed, Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton are now engaged.  For those of you keeping track, things have moved forward at a positively Lilith speed.  Only a week ago, Lukas said on Today, “I think I got a taste of the Brits and couldn’t help myself.”  See our opening quote.


The more we learn about the possible suicide of Instagram model Jeff Thomas, the more it sounds like a mental health issue exacerbated by being involved with a married man.   Sure, he was set up with cars, houses, and money.  But it came at a price.  And it sounds like everything came to a head when the “kept” boy (his term) came face to face with the happy couple at their New Year’s Eve Party!  In a moment straight out of the Dreamgirls dressing-room scene, the hubby spots the side piece and says, “Why is HE here?” Apparently, neither knew the other would be in attendance and it got…well, icky.  Hubby asked security to walk Thomas off the property – a walk of shame nobody would want to endure.  Friends say the dismissed dude’s mental health spiraled.  Days later, all cash and communication were cut off.  And shortly after that, our lad in need became a lad on the verge.  And that’s that.

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