A Couple Funny Ladies

Is Mo’Nique a member of our community?  Well, she’s certainly gay-adjacent.  In her latest comedy special, My Name is Mo’Nique, she shares a conversation she had with her husband – whom she calls “Daddy” (side note – I really hate it when people refer to their partner with parental terms).  “Daddy,” Mo’Nique said, “I want to be with another woman sexually.”  Her husband responded, “Bitch, me too!”  Well, ain’t that a kick in the clitoris!  Mo’Nique then said, “Now I know y’all are looking at me, saying, ‘Wait a minute, bitch.  Are you a motherfuckin’ dyke?’  No, I’m not…all the way.”  See?  Adjacent.  She also discusses her Uncle Tina, but for that story you should check out the special on Netflix.  And I think I should book her for a future Billy Masters LIVE.


Last week, the hysterical Judy Gold was my guest on Billy Masters LIVE.  We discussed many topics – including her very hot (and very straight) sons.  She just wrapped up her show, Yes, I Can Say That! off-Broadway, and is heading back on the road – including a special performance at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia on Mother’s Day (May 14th).  That show, which will be all about her mother, will be recorded for future release.  She’ll also be at the Post Office Café and Cabaret in Provincetown this summer.  You can find all things Judy on her website, JudyGold.com.  To find out more dish, check out my chat with Judy (among others) on our YouTube channel, Billy Masters TV, or on BillyMasters.com/TV.

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