Barry and Sheena in Vegas

I’m on the road for the next month.  My first stop was Las Vegas, and I went directly to see Barry Manilow at the Westgate Resort.  Here’s something I don’t say lightly – I can’t think of a better show than Barry Manilow – The Hits Come Home.  You know what the show is?  The hits!  And he’s doing it at his longtime Vegas home, the Westgate Resort (which has previously been the International and the Las Vegas Hilton).  Barry has so many hits, he could do a completely different show with the rest.  I’m pleased to report that time has not diminished his vocal or physical abilities.  He’s in enviable form, and gives everything he’s got.  This is not someone who works to pay the bills – he works because he loves it.  That love is a two-way street.  His fans come out in droves, and many talk about seeing this show multiple times.  I can understand why.  Check him out in Vegas or in a town near you.  This week, he has a 5-night run at Radio City Music Hall!  His schedule is available on


Then I went to the South Point Casino and Resort to see Sheena Easton.  She looks as exquisite as ever, if not slightly more voluptuous in a gown somewhat stretched to the brink.  Her patter with the audience is charmingly self-deprecating, while her speech inflections have taken on the cadence of a 1930s gun moll – not particularly authentic for our Scottish lass, but used to great comedic effect.  Given how rarely she performs, it’s not surprising that her voice took some time to warm up.  But halfway through the show, the vibrant Sheena sound emerged.  She delivered a tight 90-minute set of hits (not all hers, she quickly admits).  Personally, I’d rather she did some of her deep album cuts over covers, but she’s playing to tourists in between hands of Pai Gow, so I can’t blame her.

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