Grandpa Spacey Speaks

In present-day England, Kevin Spacey has been increasingly chatty.  His most recent interview was with Piers Morgan and lasted over 90 minutes.  He again reminded us that he’s never been found guilty in any of his criminal or civil proceedings.  He admitted that while he’s done nothing illegal, he’s been known to be somewhat “handsy”.  While I’m willing to believe many of these cases are fabricated or blown out of proportion, the phrase “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” springs to mind.  After comparing his situation to Dalton Trumbo’s blacklisting, Spacey began to sob and revealed that he is broke, has millions of dollars of legal bills, and his house in Baltimore is being auctioned off due to foreclosure.  Then a funny thing happened – two days later, the auction was cancelled.  Strike that – it was “postponed”.  The new auction date is July 25th.

But don’t think Kevin hasn’t gotten any work.  There have been a couple of projects.  One was The Man Who Drew God, which was directed by and starred Franco Nero alongside Kevin Spacey in a small-ish role.  Nero’s wife, Vanessa Redgrave, was originally cast in a role that was ultimately played by Faye Dunaway.  Spacey and Dunaway together?  Alas, it was only released in Russia and Italy – where, presumably, both Spacey and Dunaway are HUGE!  Spacey also got the title role in Peter Five Eight, which was released in the US On Demand – although we’re not exactly sure who was demanding it.  It’s called a “low-budget indie thriller”.  Having seen it, I can honestly say that’s an insult to low-budget indie flicks everywhere. Writer-director Michael Zaiko Hall said, “He was extremely sweet to work with.  I saw Kevin as a grandfatherly, sweet man.”  I’m sure he loved that!

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