Who Kisses Tony Winner

The Brits always seemed to have a much more enlightened view of sexuality.  Certainly the Doctor Who universe has been littered with gays – and I don’t mean that disparagingly (although…).  However, Who himself has never been embroiled in a same-sex romantic situation…until now.  And, before you all jump on me (which I tend to enjoy), I don’t consider the peck with Captain Jack a same-sex romantic kiss.  Last week’s episode features the dashing Doc (played by Ncuti Gatwa) teaming up with Rogue played by brand-new Tony winner Jonathan Groff to fight some shape-shifters in 1813 England…not the most welcoming era for gays, which was evident when the twosome took to the dance floor à deux.  Before Rogue skedaddled, Gatwa and Groff locked lips for a good 15 seconds.  While I suppose that’s good for the Doc, I’d need a bit more.  And some tongue is always appreciated.  You can check it out on BillyMasters.com.


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