Reunions, Splits, and More

Hot on the heels of Andrew McCarthy’s documentary Brats (about the so-called Brat Pack), Sony Pictures is exploring the possibility of making a follow-up to the classic St. Elmo’s Fire – on the condition that the entire cast reunite.  Does it have to be everyone?  ‘Cause, really, I can do without Mare (no offense).

Speaking of reunions, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are poised to star in a crime thriller called RIP.  While they are best known for Good Will Hunting, the duo actually collaborated on 9 films in total.

I don’t want to get anyone alarmed, but I think Ben’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez is in trouble.  I know – we all thought it would last forever.  When I saw she was in Italy with some girlfriends, I remembered that’s what Sofia Vergara did just before she announced her split from Joe Manganiello.  Must be something in the water…

Judy Gold and Sandra Bernhard revealed that they’ve been working on a script.  The feature film is titled Hope Falls and would find the funny ladies playing cousins – with Sandi as the bossy one (‘cause that Judy is such a shrinking violet).  They started writing it during the pandemic and they’d like to pitch it to Netflix.


As 2023 drew to a close, Jennifer Saunders vowed to write “a film or series based on AbFab…I want to do something related.”  Well, we’re all getting her wish…kinda.  Later this year, British television will air a two-hour tribute show called Absolutely Fabulous: Inside Out.  This will be the first time the cast has been together since the 2016 film.  Saunders explained what she’s looking forward to: “I loved making AbFab, but I can’t remember a great deal.  So much of this retrospective is a revelation to me!”

Speaking of retrospectives, The Young and the Restless just paid tribute to Joshua Morrow, who celebrated 30 years on the sudser.  We got to see some early clips of the pouty-lipped hunk in his very young and restless days.  Then I saw a photo online of what I thought was young Josh.  Nope – it was his look-alike 19-year-old son, Crew Morrow – who is joining the sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful.  He is a new recast for the role of Will Spencer, whose mom is played by Heather Tom, who played Josh’s sister on Y&R.  Small world, isn’t it?  Naturally, you can check out Crew on


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