Fireworks in Provincetown

“You’ve got the morals of an alley cat.”  
Joe Biden‘s most pointed attack on Donald Trump – if one discounts the use of the
word “malarkey”.  I should mention that “Alley Cat” was a term popular in the 1920s –
which pre-dates even Biden.  The only thing that could have made it better is if he did the dance
– still popular at weddings all over these United States.

Here we are, poised to celebrate the Fourth of July.  And you know what that means?  Provincetown.  For those of you who have not partaked (partaken?) of our Cape Cod enclave, let me explain that various weeks in Ptown have themes.  There is Bear Week, Lesbian Week, Family Week, etc.  The week of Fourth of July is known as Circuit Week, because that’s when Ptown is packed to the gills with circuit boys – young lads with single-digit body fat, and often similar IQ scores (not that anyone’s doing standardized testing).  So, I thought I would recap some of the more notable venues and their headliners, which we’ve covered previously.  I’ll also fill in some gaps – a skill that comes in handy on Circuit Week!


The Crown and Anchor is the center of Provincetown, and they have Varla Jean Merman, Thirsty Burlington, and Dina MartinaThe Post Office Café and Cabaret has Judy Gold, Anita Cocktail, The Devil Wears Payless, and appearances throughout the summer by John McDaniel, Branden & James, Nicolas King and John HillThe Pilgrim House has Miss Richfield 1981 and Miss ConceptionThe Provincetown Theatre has The Rocky Horror Show.  And Town Hall is utilized by various producers, including Mark Cortale (formerly of the Provincetown Art House), who is bringing in Claybourne Elder, Jinkx Monsoon, Cheyenne Jackson, Bianca Del Rio, Audra McDonald, and Marilyn Maye.

Speaking of the Art House, Ginger Minj is now producing events there under what can only be described as murky circumstances.  Nonetheless, one must acknowledge there’s a bevy of entertainers – including Minj herself.  However, my readers will be particularly pleased to note the rare opportunity to see Nick Adams July 10-13.  It’s oft-said that nobody has it all.  But Nick certainly comes close – as the photos on will attest to.  And $50 for a front-row seat?  A bargain!  Get more details and tickets at


There’s also the Red Room, which is hosting some of our favorites all summer long.  Edie will be in residence as Queen of the Desert.  Our pal Alison Arngrim is bringing her popular Confessions of a Prairie Bitch to town July 12-14.  The outrageous Jackie Beat holds court July 16-18.  Edmund Bagnell will be playing with himself (on the violin, silly) and singing sweet songs August 9-11.  And much, much more.  Full listings at RedRoom.Club.

I hasten to add that the Red Room also hosts a sizzling weekly underwear party on Thursdays – and it’s well-documented how much I enjoy those!  So much so that I also make it a habit to attend the ones at Purgatory at the Gifford House on Saturdays.  And if I’m not too tired, I’ll even go to their Sunday leather night…if I’m not already tied up.


One of the most popular events in Provincetown history is Ryan Landry’s legendary Showgirls.  This weekly variety show takes place on Mondays and up until last season was at the Crown and Anchor.  Then they found themselves homeless.  Happily, a new venue has been secured – the charming Provincetown Inn.  Mark my words, it will be THE place to go every Monday night.  Grab your tickets at House of La Rue – the show sells out quickly.


To call Varla Jean Merman an institution would be like saying she should be in an institution…both statements being absolutely true.  This year, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD – with only one “A”) is honoring Varla (aka Jeffery Roberson) at their 43rd annual Summer Party in Provincetown.  They noted her 27th consecutive year entertaining the masses in Provincetown – often one at a time, but small groups can also be accommodated – not to mention her numerous philanthropic activities.  Tickets for this fundraising soirée can be had at

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