Changes Coming To The View

It may be early in 2015, but I can see we’ll be talking about The View all year. Whoopi was out last week due to a back injury, leaving an opening for Mario Cantone – which he filled with aplomb (as opposed to filling it with a plum). Cantone has been the most frequent guest host since Sherri Shepherd, and we know where that led. In addition to Whoopi being out, Rosie Perez is gone all month while she rehearses for Larry David‘s Broadway play Fish In The Dark. But will she return? The showbiz bible, Variety, reported that Perez has been fired and will not be returning to The View. This led Rosie O’Donnell (who relished moderating in Whoopi’s absence) to strongly deny the report, stating that Perez will be back. And here’s what will happen – once Perez opens on Broadway, she’ll return to The View. A week or two later, she’ll announce that doing a show during the day and Broadway at night is too taxing, and she’ll leave amicably – most likely with Barbara Walters digging out that old chestnut, “You’re welcomed back any time.” You may quote me.

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