Straight Pride

Here we are, in the midst of Gay Pride Month, and what’s our first story about?  A Straight Pride Parade…in my native Boston.  Oh, the shame.  Don’t they already have a Straight Pride Parade in Boston?  The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!!!  Oops, they’ve let the gays into that one, too.  In the broadest sense, I don’t have a problem with the idea of Straight Pride.  I enjoy both straight and gay men – as long as they enjoy me.  But the way this is being couched – as if straight people are an “oppressed majority” (their words) – makes me feel it borders on homophobic.  Unless, of course, members of the LGBT community are welcomed to join in, just like our straight allies are invited and encouraged to join in our Pride parades.  If not, it’s beginning to smell a lot like Charlottesville.

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